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American Chinese urban street wear designer opened mrkt in Germany Frankfurt am main the American Chinese manufacturer of high-quality design bags and accessories, mad rabbit kicking (mrkt) opened its first store in Germany Tiger on April 22, 2013. In Bad Homburg vor der Hohe, in the Louise Street 2 the Shanghai label presents his creations in the field of urban street wear stores in France and the Scandinavian countries well in Germany. Hua-Ebert Frauenhauser, Managing Director of mrkt Germany, explains: the bags and accessories from AAA for him and her in the current colors and the trend materials felt and canvas, perfectly suited to a young and modern lifestyle. We are very confident that our products among customers in Germany will get excellent. Mad rabbit kicking is also for new and young Chinese brands that confidently establish itself own developments with high-quality products on the international market”Tiger. At the same time with the first Brand store in Bad Homburg is also the German webshop at the address online. Mrkt brand was founded in 2007 in Shanghai by two young architects of American Harvard University. Their goal was to transfer the clear, simple and functional design elements of the architecture of bags and accessories and to connect with unusual materials and colors. Today, enjoy the products of design not only in the cities of China of a growing popularity, but are represented in more and more cities around the world. Shaun Nath, head of international sales at AAA, says: our development focus now on the West European and American market. Among other things we are planning the participation in the major European fashion and lifestyle trade fairs, such as the bread and butter in Berlin”.

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