Government Universities

Posted on October 25, 2015 By

The consequence of not being attentive to the efficient management, proper financial needs of universities has led to deficits that become increasingly growing in the headings of fair pay its staff, research, operation of transport, dining, materials, maintenance, monitoring, playback, HCM, Service Medical, lighting, envelope, etc. we are forced to work under a framework of uncertainty and insecurity. In this way the government keeps the university authorities in a separate negotiation of small contributions to cover the areas that are going into collapse. It is a strategy to bring to our houses of study, as mentioned for example the Federation of Association of Teachers of Venezuela.

It is very right and proper observation and request that it is possible that the authorities of many of the national universities continue managing the crisis of the universities created by the Executive with such a suffocating siege, because that is at the expense of the conditions study of future professionals who graduate from them, at the expense of the working conditions of teachers, workers and victims of labor abuse and deterioration in quality of life. From here, it’s not surprising the Government, the universities for their rights and ask for fairness, compliance with the obligations of the Government undertaken, and they know manage the coffers of the universities bolivares fairly so that universities fulfill their raison d’etre, to ensure academic quality, performance, academic projects and wages.