Central America

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Once again has been proven uselessness of unilateral disarmament as did the tico country in 1948 RICARDO SNCHEZ-SERRA (**) the unilateral disarmament, great desire of the deluded, can be qualified as a great moral goal, but an idyllic and unrealizable pretension. Unfortunately not realistic, because the intention of a country do what is good, but the neighbour has necessarily to be reciprocal. Unilateral disarmament does not prevent a conflict, not necessarily to achieve peace. The world spends criminally in weapons 1.464 billion dollars. The world spends 10 times more on weapons than on humanitarian aid: there is more than one billion human beings with hunger in the world.

Unilateral disarmament is not the solution to the problem, but the reduction of military expenditures, which is another story. This topic comes to collation after the invasion of Nicaragua to territory of Costa Rica, a nation which, as it is known, is unilaterally disarmed in 1948 and included in its Constitution: article 12.-it proscribes the army as permanent institution. There will be the necessary police forces for surveillance and maintenance of public order. Military forces may be arranged only by continental agreement or for the national defence.This decision had positive and negative effects. Through the nonexistence of military spending, Costa Rica has the best education in the continent (and on par or greater than developed countries). Literacy is the highest in Central America, the life expectancy of Latin America’s highest and lowest in infant mortality rate. It is one of the best paisespara live (since 35 in the world) and the lower criminality on the continent.Among other positions of honor, is first in Latin America in press freedom, degree of democracy and environmental performance. What pride for his country and go advantages for its population!But the defence of its sovereignty and security, which is based on international law, left it in foreign hands, in the international agencies, which often have been incompetent and incapable to safeguard peace, therefore, do not practice its role as world policeman nor stability.Many times their statements are lyrical, soft drinks, a mere salute to the flag to comply, with many General information and hints, not going to the grain, flematicas, warm and indolent.

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