Central America

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You will learn the traditional instrument of Central America where achieved by striking the wood tones are similar to the known vibes or xylophone. Also, music students can learn to play the guitar. Concerns of teachers, started some of them even more than 10 years ago as the marimba-student, is at that time like today meaningful employment of children to a counterpart to the daily poverty, to create misery and violence. One of the remarkable successes of the music school, that many of the successful graduates by learning the instrument can build up a small living as a musician in a country that many years after the civil war by poverty and corruption is held firmly in the handle. How successful the school of music in works, demonstrate not only multiple CDs, but above all their success: the last marimba Christmas album was the best-selling CD ever in Nicaragua. Holger Schiffer, Schiffer printing and Roland Tewes, Tang Hall GmbH: our business colleagues and we of the distress of the people, especially but heard of the work of the Foundation, we have spontaneously decided to put our planned Christmas activities in the service of the good thing. Despite financial crisis and future economic deterioration want and can we not forget, how good it is when compared to people in other parts of the world.” This means: the six companies, which met in part during the presentation of the Foundation, ordered spontaneously several hundred CDs, which want to ship it with a letter for Christmas to their customers. Michael ruffle village, marketing manager of the car dealership of Lutke Udodiugyhi: We are simply convinced that we do more with action than with wine and calendars. For our customers we find attention for the plight of the developing world, the Foundation receives money to alleviate this.” For more information about the marimba school see also. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch the capelin bushes 95 48155 Munster Tel: 0251 / 8991854, fax: 0251 / 8991112 E-mail: this press release can be obtained electronically at press center.

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