Young Professionals

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They are necessarily loyal, not only to their employees, but also to their sites.” Also, the family-owned company points according to the Economic Journal-author by relatively short decision paths and permeable structures. This makes agile in the competition and open to innovation.” This flexibility may be it, making the owner-managed companies according to industry experts, attractive employers. “So, family companies have Managing Director of the consulting firm Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf, good cards at the recruiting specialized technical recruitment and outsourcing services according to Udo Nadolski,: well trained Young Professionals much rather have the opportunity to make a career, even decisions and responsibility to act as the multinational in medium-sized family farms.” If capital market-oriented companies in the face of uncertain economic development the hand brake in terms of hiring, so Nadolski, increase the opportunities for new recruits at family farms.” However, as faulting the Foundation of family business, earned the keys to success of the German economy better conditions at the site. In the national index, family-owned company, which compares the site conditions of the 18 OECD countries since 2006 at a distance of two years, Germany ranked only found 11. The factors of taxes, labor costs, productivity and human capital, regulation, financing and public infrastructure are analyzed.

In addition a crisis index was taken into account, which gives information about the fragility and rapid processing ability of the economies. The findings of the present national index is divided into two parts”, explains Dr. Friedrich Heinemann, Project Director of the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW), which created the national index: In the overall index, which tracks the long-term factors, Germany has teamed up with its relatively poor 11th place in the lower middle of the overall rankings compared to the year 2008 – 12th place – little moves. Germany performs well in the crisis index, on the other hand, here is a good fifth place Germany.”

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