Central Europe

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It is believed that the founders of these civilizations were people-persons. These civilizations developed independently from each other, however, between 22th to the 20th century BC synchronously underwent major changes: – Ancient Egypt was divided into several small, feuding among themselves, independent states – Archaeologists have identified the completion of the early period of development pro toindiyskoy civilization – civilization ceased to exist shumeroakkadskaya – Archaeologists have recorded some tragic events in Troy. The reason – to Europe, Central Asia, India and Iran have moved nomadic tribes of Indo-European language group. As a result of mixing the newcomers with the local population began to form new ethnic groups that became the basis for the formation of new civilizations: the Hittite kingdom in the Small Asia, the kingdom of Mitanni and Old Babylonian empire in Mesopotamia, proto-Greek civilization on the Balkan peninsula, in China – the kingdom of yin and others on the American continent in tribes moved Olmec. In the period from 13th to 12th century BC in Western and Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Afro-Asian region are set in motion the tribes and nations have entered history as “Peoples of the sea.

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