Conquest City

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gr., enclosing an area of 1.226, 4 km. The southwestern Economic region corresponds, thick way, to the Bahian South Plateaus, that if subdivide in Plateaus of Maracs, to the north and Plateaus of Victory of the Conquest, to the south. It sufficiently presents a varied climate, that goes of the half-barren one until the sub-humid one. The same it happens with its relief, that presents altitudes between 200m and 1000m. The region presents a periodic hdrica deficiency due to estiagem, to the irregularity of the rivers and little expressive the fretico sheet, what it imposes limits to the development of the irrigation. The city of Brook of the Plaza is located in the sub-region of Itapetinga, main bovine center cattle of cut of the region, favored for rains, relief, localization and tradition.

However, it is an activity of minimum yield, with flock of low genetic standard, with deficient feeding, mainly for low the productivity of the grass. Still it has presence of the aftosa fever, that makes impracticable the exportation of the meat produced in the State. The landscape of the city is formed by a complex of physical and biticos factors among which if they detach the hdricos climate, ground, relief, vegetation and resources. The climate is dry the sub-humid one, with mmanuais pluviomtricos values entre700 a900. The period rainiest if points out enters the November months the April and the driest of May October, the annual average temperature is of 21 23. The isotherms indicate an annual average temperature around 21 23. The climatic conditions condition the foliar estacionalidade of the vegetal covering, represented for the Forest Estacional Semidecidual and Decidual, that if finds deprived of characteristics completely or destroyed for the antropismo, being substituted by agropastoris activities. The podzlicos ground occupy the biggest extension of the city and are deep the moderately deep ones, with fertility that varies of high (eutrficos) the low one (distrfilos), generally associates the flat ground in wavy topography strong waved.