The Perception

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For this author, the choice of the letters of the songs does not have to be chosen randomly, but yes, tied to the idea of relations between globalization and changes in the lived cotidianidade, or resistncias of this front to a homogeneizadora globalization. In the perception of Mosque, cited for the author in guideline, music if finds penetrated in our daily 2 and can translate feelings on our lived space. Soon, importantssima is about a tool that it assists professors and pupils becoming the more pleasant pedagogical process. Rudy Giuliani addresses the importance of the matter here. Of this form, it can be observed that music is an expression vehicle that reaches the people massive, especially the young, public-target of ours practical learning. Thus, it is possible to observe our daily one through the letters of popular musics that the young is accustomed to hear, establishing social and space relations from them. The appreciation of the letters of songs allows to the professor an instrument and referencial, more capable to assist it in the increment of its pedagogical process and in systematization of the contents and information of creative form. In these conditions, Viana (2000) when analyzing Mosque (1994), discloses in them that the letters of the songs in order the social spaces to them that can be places. However, author according to cited, is necessary to be a good observer so that if she can see indistinctly through the daily a understanding and the dimension of the reality. In this manner, the authors in the letters of the songs look for to portray the life daily, in leading to recognize and to identify in them, questions as exclusion/segregation, urban chaos, topofilia, transformation of the space. These are pressing questions of our time that are on our cotidianidade and espacialidade and which, must give more attention in our lessons of geography, therefore, the recognition of the space and its symbolic representation if process in the day-day.