Cultural Geography

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The study of the utensils and the techniques used for the man in the transformation of the way where they also live it was object of study of disciplines for this author. However, we do not have to forget the works developed for others we importantssimos authors German as: Ottor Schlter, that if dedicated to study the way for which the man shapes the space where he lives modifying, thus the natural landscape through the construction of houses, buildings, deforestation for the culture and creation of animals, etc. (Claval, 1999, P. 24). Finally we see that for these authors German Cultural Geography age, simply, the analysis of the material aspects of the culture facts, coming back its attentions toward the utensils, the tools, the techniques and the landscape.

In the United States, we can detach Carl Ortwin Sauer as a name of great influence in the carried through works inside of Cultural Geography, works these initiates only thirty years after the first studies developed in Germany. It was the founder of the school of Berkeley. Ahead of the displayed one, we can say that it was through this school and of its founder who American Cultural Geography reached its success. Concerning this Spencer apud Claval (1999, P. 29) affirms that: Cultural geography would have been completely neglected if she had not been celebrizada for Carl. the Sauer (1889-1975), the founder of another American school, of Berkeley.

The success of American cultural geography after starts thus thirty years the first works Germans in this domain. The school of Berkeley breached definitively with the rigorous and descriptive model of the school of the Middle West that came back its attention toward the cartographic collection of data and representations. This new school, in turn, if worried, as well as the Germans, with the study of the landscape, however emphasizing the action of the man on the environment on the contrary of the action of the way on the man, as he was studied for the Germans.