For Malanchthon

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The nature human being, terrena, inclined to the sin. For Malanchthon meat he is ' ' entire nature of the man, its sense and reason, without the Espirito Santo ' '. That is, when we act without the Spirit, we act in the meat! Meat is the fallen nature of the man. The old nature. This nature is irreconcilivel! Incurable! It does not have way or skill to transform the meat. Remedy for this corrupt nature does not exist. The only skill is the crucificao.

He sees what Pablo says: the ones that are of Christ Jesus crucificaram the meat, with its passions and concupiscncias (Gl 5,24). On this thought in says John to them Stott: ' ' This an amazing metaphor. Therefore the crucificao was a horrible and brutal form of execution. However, graphically it illustrates which must be our attitude stops with the fallen nature. Not we must acariciar it, nor to ruin it, giving to it to stimulaton or even though patience. For the opposite, we must reject it in cruel way, together with its desejos' '.

The action of crucificar is ours! It is our responsibility in denying the desires and prazares of the meat in the power of the Espirito Santo (Rm 8,13)! That is, in the power of the Spirit our old nature has that to be dismissed of being able and the pleasures of the mortificado body! Pablo selects some workmanships evidentes of the meat. In the 21 verses 19 it says: However, the meat workmanships are known and are: prostitution, impurity, lasciviousness, 20 idolatria, witchcrafts, inimizades, porfias, cimes, angers, discords, dissenses, factions, 21 envies, bebedices, glutonarias and things similar to these, regarding which declare I you, as already, long ago I prevented, you, that the ones will not inherit the kingdom of God that such things practise. The believing flesh time lives in the practical one of these workmanships.