Dental Technology Zirconium

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Popular essential advantages for the patients of PHS Sottrum. Since the introduction of zircon in the field of dentistry almost 15 years ago, this material on the best ways to displace all other previously used materials. Long time it is known as a basis for other medical spare parts such as hip prostheses. Only the development of CAD/CAM technology, especially scanning the surface of a model and thus the creation of a record to the PC, have dental technology enabled, to use this very attractive material. The company is one of the pioneers of the modern supply flair-dent dental technology from Sottrum.

The advantages for the patients are: Absolute BIO compatibility of Zahnfarbenes largest bridge spans are material through and highest fitting accuracy with computer precision feasible due to the strength of cementing ability longevity conductivity to some explanations in detail: In contrast to metal structures there in zircon no oxide formation in the external ceramic coating us absolutely healthy gums in contact with zirconia Zircon is in its purest form a white material and is dyed for processing as a Crown and bridge substructure in the individual patients tooth color. Therefore, there is no shade and no greyish shining through more like in the metal framework in the mouth. It is also called the Chameleon effect by nature material. Through the creation of a record on the computer and their implementation on a precise milling machine, to prevent exposure to sources of error as we know it from the manual production of metal scaffolding. It is style a Swiss Watch an absolutely precise framework for your dentures is the accuracy in terms of my.

By the individual Crown to the 14-unit bridge any medically acceptable range and size is feasible with zircon. Zirconium has an enormous strength and on which it arrives at the bridge, it is several times higher than in the previously used precious metals. and about the same high as in non-precious metals. Zircon is a bridge in contrast to the previously known full ceramics quite conventionally both, i.e. as a material, such as Harvard cement”, with which, dentistry has made best experiences for decades, is this applicable. Barely another material has proved in recent years in the mouths of patients as durable as zircon. According to a University study, it has provided the right work at zircon, as well as never gave the fraction of a construction. In the area which is the conductivity should be noted the following: voltages such as in metal crowns are excluded, because zircon has no electrical conductivity. Conduction in Zircon is much support as with metal, which in turn makes the tooth including much less sensitive. Thus, zircon is a wonderful denture material from the HI-TEC range, which is only at the beginning of its possibilities. Already in day-to-day laboratory operations of the flair-dent dental technology from Sottrum these materials processed successfully and the methods are constantly improved. Managing Director Matthias Finch says: I think the greatest satisfaction in the patients that I hear time and again is the neutrality of the material. It will just feel very important, that there are no negative side effects.

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