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After weeks of bargaining in Congress between Republicans and Democrats to raise the debt ceiling finally an agreement was reached at the last moment, on Tuesday, August 2, the same day that the U.S. Treasury had indicated that it would be without funds to meet their obligations. Thus it seemed to have been conjured up the dreaded suspension of payments of EE UU, thanks to the adoption of a plan of spending cuts of between 2.1 billion and 2.4 billion dollars in the next decade. During the week, others credit rating, as s Moody and Fitch which had also alerted about the possible degradation of the U.S. Note, revealed that they maintained its highest note AAA for the debt of EE UU.

However, and despite the agreement, markets they had reacted skeptically to the agreement reached in Washington, and the Dow Jones de Industriales, the rate of rrencia of the New York Park, accumulated this week strong recoil of 5.75%, the largest since March 2009. Possible consequences the new EE UU credit rating puts the country along with the economies of Belgium or New Zealand, and the U.S. media because they have warned that it could take years to recover the AAA rating, as happened with Canada or Australia. It is a decision that changes the game. With Europe in the situation that is, add EE UU the problem is really bad for international financial markets, said Laura LRosa, Director of the Glenmade investor to the Wall Street Journal. To observe consequences it will have to wait to see what happens on Sunday evening with the opening of Asian markets, but experts have already warned about the possibility of trimming of the credit memo to generate a rise in the interest rates with the consequent rise of the cost to a wide range of loans, from a mortgage to interest on the public debt. Source of the news: S & P rating agency downgrades EE UU debt rating for the first time.

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