Event Implementation

Posted on December 18, 2015 By

The Visual and tactile experience bar making brand messages by event agencies more and more companies understand the marketing instrument to use event as decisive success and differentiation factor in the context of the successful customer loyalty and new customer approach. An event is defined as a goal-oriented, deliberately planned and staged, unique event with tangible benefits and high degree of activation. Central is a persistent memory value in the minds of the participants in this context. To be successful, an attractive story must be based on the event, which successfully transported the brand and product messages. This must be unique and authentic, as well as have the ability to reflect the company in all its aspects and to address all stakeholders in attractive manner. In addition to a well-thought-out design and an attractive story is a successful event architecture of central importance and allows the company, brand or product message three-dimensional for the customers to be experienced. A successful Event architecture creates rooms where customers can experience the companies and products on emotional way. It comes to the creation of a so-called “point of touch”, which pursues the goal of long-term customer loyalty and is characterized by enjoyment, experience, and touch.

In addition, it allows a Visual presentation to create an emotional connection to the company and its products. The motto is increasingly ‘ less is more ‘. In times of sensory overload, the implementation of the event is to produce while a Visual stimulus, but the message clearly communicates and avoided a sensory overload at any time. This describes two important trends, which event agencies in the event architecture must consider: 1) the active involvement of the participants and 2) the ‘ less is more ‘-thought. A smooth interface design and implementation is a key success factor of the event architecture. Only a close collaboration between communication experts and architects makes it possible to experience the brand and an optimal Combination of material, to create shape and color. For this reason it is recommended in the event planning and implementation on full-service event agencies to rely.

These are not only an advisory role to the page, but can also design, planning, as well as the implementation of the event architecture take over. For event agencies, it is particularly important to note that the architecture within the framework of staging outshines not the actual marketing goals of the presence in this context. The importance of the event architecture is often underestimated by companies. But they can decide about the success of the event and therefore necessarily must be considered as an important factor in the framework of the overall event planning and implementation, what can be achieved through the cooperation with professional event agencies.