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What are the 10 most important skills that a well-educated person must master to succeed in the 21st century? Every parent wants their children to be successful in life. However, do we know if the education we are delivering them will give them the necessary tools to succeed in life? When winds of change as today, this question is particularly valid. We are at the beginning of the computer was. The rules of the game have changed and not all education systems have been adapted to the changes. The vast majority of educational institutions still operate with methodologies that worked well for the Industrial age, but that are outdated today.

A few years ago Harvard University published the following qualities that they felt was essential so that their students could adapt successfully to the changes that are occurring in the economy at the global level. 1. The ability to define a problem without the help of another person. 2. The ability to formulate questions that pose a challenge to preconceived ideas. 3. The ability to work as a team without a guide. 4.

The ability to work completely alone. 5. The ability to persuade others that the address you propose is correct. 6. The ability to discuss matters in public with the aim of reaching a decision about the rules and established policies and techniques. 7. The ability to reorganize known information and form concepts and innovative patterns from it. 8. The ability to be able to quickly extract the useful information from a large amount of irrelevant data. 9. The ability to think inductively, deductively and dialectically. 10. The ability to find an optimal solution to solve problems using intuition and common sense. (Heuristic) The document warned that the professional credentials were worth less and less. Training and experiences in the real world, on the other hand, would be key in order to be successful professionally.

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