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“” Live customer House 27 and February 28, 2010 the Fink House carpentry “presents u.Sonntag, 27 and 28 February, at an open day on Saturday” the Kundenhaus in the Bach Street 8/3 (see signs) in Altshausen. From 13: 00 until 17 o’clock this zero-energy House can”, that will be ready to feed in a few days, be visited. The House with its almost 150 square metres of living space offers plenty of living space through clever interior layout and removing basements. Leave ceilings enough upstairs to the gabled in bathrooms and bedrooms, a spacious atmosphere and pulling game galleries in the children’s rooms creates space there in addition to play or sleep. “But the real highlight of the House lies in its technology: the motto free heat is waiting just a few meters below our feet”, BauherrSascha Hartmann had installed a heat pump and is now heating with geothermal energy.

190 meters of Earth collectors meander at a depth of 3.5 meters through his garden and deliver up to 12 KW power. The energy supply of the House required but mains power. To a zero-energy House”to get Sascha Hartmann installed with its own installation operation about 50 photovoltaic modules with an output of 10 KW/peak on the South-facing roof. By injecting this energy, he manages this electricity back in. I can look forward now left my consumption billing at the beginning of the year”, laughs the client. And because the highly insulated eco walls of the Fink make sure that the heat stays where it belongs, also there for energy savings even further.

With the opening of his customer’s House on Saturday and Sunday, Fink House in addition to the possibility of the visit offers consulting services and information by competent professionals. So are Wolfgang Abt from Zussdorf and the electrical engineer Konrad Muller from Bad Schussenried as a point of contact available Hermann Fink and Sascha Hartmann of also the heating engineers. The Youth Department of the Altshausen FV is the guest on Sunday afternoon with Serve coffee and cake. Contact: FINK House GmbH Hermann Fink Kapellenstrasse 9 88361 Abdul Hakim FON: + 49 7584 923889-0 Managing Director: Hermann Fink register Court: District Court Ulm, HRB No. 722369 seat: Altshausen master Hermann Fink had originally made itself with a planning Office independently. In 2006, he hired his first two employees. Since then the company has grown steadily: 14 employees and three trainees plan, produce and assemble annually approximately 12 prefabricated houses today at Fink House.

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