Karlsruhe Kaiserstrasse

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“A face” for freedom comes in Iran on March 6 after Kalrsruhe on Saturday, March 6, 2010 action “A face in Iran” has been underway since last summer in several countries coming for freedom Karlsruhe in the Imperial Road/pedestrian zone. Amnesty International organized this solidarity now also in Karlsruhe together with representatives of the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran. After towns in Holland and Belgium, the action shortly before Christmas came for the first time in Germany. In Cologne, settled despite freezing cold over a hundred passers-by and passers-by at the Cologne Cathedral on the conditions in the Iran and the impact on Europe inform and showed face for human rights simpelster in the Iran. End of January showed face even more than a hundred hamburgers and hamburger in icy weather. Since presumably fake presidential elections on June 12, 2009 in Iran, many Iranians and Iranians storm run against a system that they gagged more than 31 years. At the same time the system will be knew the true face and his real attitude towards human rights, to hide it for decades to the West.

One of the leading figures behind Ahmadinedschad, President, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, called the people on the street recently not full humans and their voice as unimportant. The radical forces behind Mesbah and Ahmadinejad are considered Messianistic or Mahdiisten, proclaiming himself as God’s representative on Earth and insisting on the right to regulate everything and determine. Because these forces publicly represented expansionist ambitions, danger for Europe. Nuclear technology would really be a threat to the world in such hands. But the topic of nuclear research taking a such a strong presence in the media, is rather distracting. Rather, the rights of the people of the Iran in Europe should find more attention by the media. In the negotiations with the Iran because of its nuclear research the West bites off his unnecessarily just the teeth.

If the focus is more on human rights goes, it will undermine the regime in the heart of its ideological orientation and strengthen civil society in the Iran. Then alone, which can make of Iran as a sovereign State and shining example for the entire region to rebuild a democratic liberal minded society on the basis of separation of religion and State. All economic and energy interests of Western powers would have to clear the game field. It’s about nothing less than the freedom and the future of our children in Europe.

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