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The winner of auditions take part in the shootings in Europe, the United States and Canada. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, July 12, 2011 the Sprachcaffe language course organizer looking for fresh faces for the new catalogues for language courses, travel n work and group tours. The casting of models will take place on Saturday, the 13th of August at 13:00 in the premises of the organizer for courses in the Garden Street 6, 60594 Frankfurt / Sachsenhausen. We are looking for male and female models over 16 years that fit by its cosmopolitan and friendly aura to the travel concept of the Organizer. Winners of auditions accompany worldwide to the most beautiful destinations Sprachcaffe to photo shoots.

At Sprachcaffe, especially young talents can boost the modeling career and at the same time discover the world! Shootings will be a total of 32 different destinations in Europe, the United States and Canada. Shooting highlights make for example the sessions in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona and the distant New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal. The shootings on the Language schools by Sprachcaffe held inside and outside the school holidays. Once all castings for Sprachcaffes have taken place next catalog model, the shooting dates are set. Underage models are looked after professionally at the photoshoots for Sprachcaffes next catalog model. The participation to the Sprachcaffe model casting is an important step to stimulate the own modeling career.

Since the participants receive not only a further reference for the comp card, but also valuable international experience. We are looking for models for the cover image of the catalogues, but also for the catalog inside. Sprachcaffe acquires the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs incurred for the photo shoots and in addition paid each model with an allowance of 50 per shooting day. Sprachcaffe attaches great importance to the flexibility and operational readiness of the models. The applicants stating their name, date of birth and a job application photos via E-Mail to can register. The model candidate will be asked their comp card and to bring several outfits to the casting.

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