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Experts see a consolidation of the market for PBS the German PBS market can be described confidently with a volume of 16.1 billion as an industry heavyweight. For this purpose the private market draws less but responsible, but rather the percentage of commercial demand, which is very high with 60 to 70%. At the same time this high level refers to a high fragility of the PBS market what was 2009 impressively clear light in the year. The decline of in sales of almost 8% was already record. In many ranges, significant losses were realized, still could not be compensated until today despite the outstanding economic and sales figures.

This should be the case though 2012. Overall growth of PBS products amounted to 5.6% in the last year. “Trend a focus in the foreground has moved currently: sustainability in every nook and cranny”. Certified papers, tapes of completely recycled substrate toner with eco versions, shredder with dust absorption are just a few examples This trend. A consolidation is market more for years to come. So, IBH retail for this year’s experts expect a growth of slightly more than 2%, and later by just under 2%. But against the backdrop of the crisis, the rapid recovery of the market itself for the insiders of the industry was completely unexpected. Larger question mark behind but the flagship of the industry behind the assortment of Office communication papers”.

In terms of turnover this group takes 56% of the total turnover of PBS, followed by mapping/archiving”(15.4%) and Office consumables” (5.5%). The slump in sales was only 11%, but volume enormously hit record. From an other point of view, the papers are currently on everyone’s lips. The specialist for printing and copying is a success factor in the so-called managed print services (MPS), document management and archiving. In case of favourable trade here realized cost reductions themselves, as well as at the customer.

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