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Andrew Weil, the most prestigious North American doctor, in his book: the coffee to the morphine: everything you need to know about the psychoactive substances, from A to Z, written together with Winnifred Rosen, made a clear and honest presentation of the different substances for popular consumption which are, or are not considered addictive or harmful for the physical or mental health. Many legal coffee that produces mood disorders and addiction but takes it as most of the world from the time she wakes up, was prohibited in Europe until about a century ago. Today the cafes are in any corner. Alcohol, which was illegal in the United States, is served at every social event. If there were no bars, many would be throwing bombs as Muslims, who do not know what to do with its insipid existence without worldly pleasures. Be wisely wants to eliminate tobacco of consumer drug line, after having fostered his dependence for years, creating corporate empires that made fortunes selling cancer. The hypocrisy and cowardice of Governments to deal with these issues is to say the least: negligible.

Thousands of people are prey for selling narcotics, many more are behind bars for being consumers who found a little marijuana, cocaine or Ecstasy, and sometimes, comply with sentences greater than those of murderers and criminals with good lawyer. In his book Marihuana: the medicine prohibited Lester Grinspoon and James B. Bakalar, both professors of Harvard University, presented the benefits of cannabis for dozens of diseases, especially in the treatment and relief of different types of cancer, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, glaucoma, AIDS and depression. They are not the only scientists who are studying the plant thoroughly and objectively from the past 50 years. Many did and the majority came to the conclusion that should be legalized, which not only empty prisons of harmless consumers but that would open the opportunity for large factories of cigarettes renew its industry in danger of extinction.

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