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Adelardo Medicine Horseman, Doctor: The Dr. Adelardo Horseman, of the Institute of Obesity counts on the following landmarks in their professional race: Medicine lawyer and Surgery by the University of Alcala of Madrid. 24 matriculations of honor and Extraordinary prize of Degree. Specialist in General Surgery and Transplant of Organs. She realised his stage of doctor internal-resident in the hospital Gregorio Maran of Madrid. Post realised its formation graduated in Israel, Sweden, Canada and the United States.

At the moment he is Attached Doctor of General Surgery and the Digestive Apparatus of the University Hospital of the Princess of Madrid, Independent University of Madrid. Digestive apparatus of the University Hospital of the Princess of Madrid, Independent University of Madrid. Also he is Consulting of General Surgery of the Clinic the Light of Madrid, consultant of General Surgery of the Infantile Hospital of San Rafael of Madrid and professor of Sciences of the Health of the University Alfonso X the Wise person. First experience in surgery initiated his of obesity in 1980, the service of Dr. L.D. McLean in the McGill University (Montreal, Canada), ex-president of the American school of surgeons and pioneer in surgical nutrition and baritrica surgery of the obesity.

Also it has worked in the University of Strabourg with the Dr.Jacques Marescaux (President of the IRCAD/EITS) in technical outposts of laparoscpica surgery. It has worked with professor Weiner in the University of Frankfurt, with professor Chevalier of the University of Paris and with the Prof. Nicholas Scopinaro in the University of Genoa. He has been one of the pioneers in the use of Intragstricos Balls (intragastric Ball) for treatment of the obesity, having implanted years in the last more than 1000 balls? It has realised more than 500 interventions of baritrica surgery including implantations of adjustable Gastric Band, gastroplastia tubular, gastric ByPass and pancreatic derivation bilio. The Dr. Adelardo Horseman directs to the Institute of Obesity, center specialized in treatments of nutritional obesity, surgery, diets and upheavals.