Marcus Matthias Keupp

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Annual exhibition curated by Jurgen Blum Hunfeld, may 4, 2010 – Sunday, May 16, 2010 the new year exhibition of the Museum begins modern art in Hunfeld (Germany), one of the leading museums of concrete and constructive art in Europe. The exhibition is curated by Jurgen Blum-Kwiatkowski. In the context of this exhibition, the artist Marcus Matthias Keupp in Zug (Switzerland) will present selected works. His art deals with the identification and illustration of harmonic constructive principles. He uses architectural techniques such as algorithms that determine the positions and interactions of the picture elements on a proposed principle, the golden section and the Fibonacci sequence. The single image should always be a representation of a parent constructive principle can be found everywhere in the universe and which defined the harmonious effect of space, proportion and colour for ages.

Result of this rigorously structured approach is a concept – the image plan-, which are then implemented “explains Keupp. The artist works mainly with industrial materials such as aluminum, rigid foam, adhesive films and sprayed ink. Keupp among others attended the New York School of Visual Arts, where early was fascinated by the severely reduced style of artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Donald Judd. Everything in motion, in a move that gives a soghafte effect some work is with him. That gives this work its openness to ever new and surprising picture inventions.

“And maybe the images owe much of their power and their nature of the fact that they are created while with the technical possibilities of our century, in them, but also a great tradition resonates,” commented Dr. Martin Kraft, art critic in Zurich.

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