Hollywood Play

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Warhol knew how to get the refusal to yield to the public space in the truest sense – appears to other people – this happened because of his unwillingness renounce his effeminate, homosexual and admiration for the male body. It is widely known, for example, that his attempt in 1956 to organize an exhibition of his works in the Gallery Tanager failed due to the fact that its touching portraits of the boys were too frank, too shameless in its homoerotic sexuality, and that in the early 60 other New York artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg as well as well as mainstream art circles, with spurned him because he was too 'feminine'. On this occasion, Warhol said: 'Of course, in the factory were gay, we were in the entertainment industry, it was Fantastic. Naturally, the factory was more blue than, for example, in Congress, but no more than your favorite tv series police I believe that the reason for such intense and violent attacks was the fact that we refused to play along, dissemble and hide. This really infuriated many people who wanted to save all the old stereotypes. I've often wondered: 'Do the people who play these games with image, there is nothing to do with all those unfortunates who can not fit into standard roles? " If the object of attack was homosexuality, precisely as a practice that recognizes the Warhol, the whole Hollywood would have been as vulnerable as Factory. Alarming rather public display of sexuality to the show and the fact that Warhol refused to play along, dissemble and hide.