Metropolitan University

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use technology to manage the Organization forces and humans. From above, is that modern administration in general and higher education recognize the impact that has information on corporations, that at the present time you can refer to the era of recognition, is why aspect that cannot be ignored by any new technological trends University constitute the nucleus where they interact knowledge and information society, could be defined as the management of information, as a process of organization, planning, control and production applied to the resource of information in organizations, which is comprised of the following components: innovation information systems or knowledge of the Organization of the information technologies, where the latter is the center of everything the process. Therefore, the fundamental purpose of the educational system currently has focus in the media that promote the quality of their products (students, professionals, managers), in addition to establishing models of management of the recognition, that allow to view universities as true knowledge forming industries. The University, in the technological aspect, should present as a social organization, in which people are formed with a large cluster of knowledge that document them how best to carry out the exercise of their functions in which these awards could be transmitted to society through the solution of the different situations that develop them. Given that both information and knowledge are fundamental elements for the formation of persons, their content, amount, opportunity, today, way to handle it,…, constitute essential factors for the improvement of the quality of higher education. In favour of the changes, technology product, in Venezuela, measures are being taken to deal with them, such is the case of advanced program of management and technology, which is being carried out in the (Metropolitan University) UNIMET, which according to the statements expressed by the responsible for the project, Camargo violet, published in national newspapers pointed out that:… the job offer is very depressed in Venezuela. Therefore, where professionals increase their awards and skills in the area where they act, they will be better placed to compete successfully for positions to which it aspires.

Our goal is to promote processes of change and contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and capacity of the organization where the individual, unfolds says. To have a vision of change, an efficient management that offers technological innovation and a timely change within organizations to achieve the success of the company is needed. According to Camargo, does not exist in the country a project equal to which offers the UNIMET, oriented to the new technological trends, to upgrade technology in the functional areas of the organization. In particular. universities have to adapt, depending on their responsibility with regard to technology management, for example get involved with what knowledge management has generated, delving into its technology, scope, impact and propiciaciar, changes how to generate new, according to its use, to creativity and innovation which will generating in order to efficiently use it towards their duties. Thus, as also to generate technology, at least in its design, basics of operability to be developed through its faculties of engineering, both industry, mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical.