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A half hour sessions at Tutor cost between $ 30 to $ 60, depending on seniority and qualifications of the instructor. To have a language base that is sufficient to enter university, you must do at least two – three years on several occasions in week. The most difficult exams have traditionally been considered at the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Moscow State University, in addition to standardized tests and there is still listening, but this can be done only entrant, who had enough conversational practice with native speakers or lived for a time in the language is spoken. Again, this is worth the money. To date, there is a possibility, and tuition at the university. Depending on the faculty and university tuition fees 1500 – 5000 dollars per year. There are also private schools, but schools such diplomas are not very popular. Well-known companies require prospective employees a solid degree.

In the translation situation today as follows: the average translator for English and German language gets about $ 6 per page (cost depends on the complexity of the text), the work of translators exotic languages (Chinese, Persian) valued more – about nine dollars per page. Transfers, which are designated as special (legal, medical), are the most expensive, time transfers the customer typically pays twice as much. Unpleasant moment is that the translation from competition specialists are translators with certificates of completion of language courses. For their services they are willing to receive less pay, and their labor market quite a lot. As a result, they become hard and demanding orgomnyh knowledge and skills of translators has become much cheaper. With regard to remuneration, the translator receives a fee for the transfer upon payment by the customer. This process can stretch on for months.

In material terms more favorable to the translator is currently working as a staff a decent company. The advantage of this situation is that the wage office worker paid monthly, but at the same time, the transfers must be made in a hard non-stop. In addition, some employers see an interpreter, “hands free” and have a tendency to hang up on him, for example, secretarial duties. In addition, there are also translators and interpreters. For most people, their work looks very attractive: foreign travel, communication with interesting and famous people, the hourly pay. Working as an interpreter – a good way to implement ambitions. But we should not forget that this work is very heavy. If we take, for example, simultaneous interpreter, his work is so severe that every third sooner or later happens to a nervous breakdown, and by the age of fifty simultaneous interpreter for each satellite are becoming nervous diseases. But few of the translators of regret about their choice of specialty. To summarize: if you attracts this profession, do not abandon their plans. This profession has always provide you with a good income. If you want a good salary and career prospects, better knowledge of foreign language combined with other professions such as manager, lawyer, economist, and journalist.

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