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The most famous T-Shirt now also subject of the world can be personalized! Everyone has seen it before and also a certain story everyone connects with the motif. The famous “I love” motifs has now become a synonym for the city of New York. But why actually? It was the young Milton Glaser, who invented the famous logo with the big “I”, a red heart, and of course the letters “NY” for New York at the time. He used the font “American typewriter” to his motive. Both New York City and the State of New York use the subject for decades to promote tourism. But what’s really behind the history of the incredibly popular and yet so simple motif. 1997 was by the New York State Department of Commerce at the advertising agency wells the job smell Greene issued to develop a marketing campaign for the State of New York. At that time, was graphic designer Milton Glaser, and was hired by the Agency to work on the campaign.

Glaser expected ironically, only a few months to run the campaign would, which is why he took no Gage for the projects. At that time he didn’t know of course, that its logo would eventually will subject of the world to the most famous and most popular T-Shirt. At the time, the motif in his simple pop style was considered innovative and became a hit. For years it has been sold yet. After the terrorist attacks of 11 September in New York, the subject revived. The residents of New York City wore the T-Shirts, to develop a new “we” feeling.

Clever T-Shirt designer invented even new, alternative versions, to pay tribute to their city. Many other redesigns of the original are sold today. Some of them simply copy the old concept and adapt it to a new city. Others come up with intelligent parodies. “I love London” or “I Love My Wife” are popular variations of the motif. A relatively new trend is the growing interest in personalized T-Shirts. Allow numerous Start-Ups to make their users your own T-Shirt and then “on demand” durck and send to. If you ever her own “I love shirt” fashion wanted to, I recommend you You can your own with the T-Shirt Designer by MyLoveShirt I (heart) T-shirt design. Try it out. It is worth. -Peter Forster is fashion designer and columnist for a leading fashion magazine, and lives with his family in Munich.

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