North Sea Fisheries

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1656 ad, the oldest, still appearing day newspaper in Europe, which is even today a broad clientele of readers appeared in Haarlem. The name of Haarlem”became known not only in the Netherlands. in 1658, Petrus Stuyvesand founded on the East coast of North America”a settlement with the name Nieuw Haarlem. Today, the settlement is a District of New York. The residents of Haarlem razed the city walls in the 19th century. the first railway connection in the Netherlands between Amsterdam and Haarlem was inaugurated in 1839 A.d..

Attractions in Haarlem – Netherlands – Netherlands Gouda the town Gouda takes its name from the cheese gained popularity all over the world. The first mention of the Gouda cheese dating back to the year 1184. Des still holds the city more beautiful canals and a marketplace with a town hall, which is extremely photogenic. Attractions in Gouda – Netherlands Netherlands Utrecht already in the 1 century AD are known Roman settlements in the area of the present-day city of Utrecht. These settlements were abandoned and around 690 ad as mission stations rebuilt. In the 12th century, Utrecht was a walled city.

Since then, the city was an important spiritual stronghold. In 1559, the town became the seat of the Archdiocese. The University was founded in 1636. The town’s importance grew rapidly in the 19th century with the railway connection. Utrecht is the fourth largest city of Holland. The city brand was sightseeing in Utrecht – Holland – Netherlands brands in the 13th century by monks who came from Friesland, settled. The monks of the North Sea Fisheries. The island has been flooded in earlier centuries often. For this reason, the present places are on small hills called Terps. The floods stopped with the completion of the dike, which made this water to the inland waterways. For fishermen, the dam brought not only good with it.

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