Passive House Goes Olympic

Posted on February 18, 2019 By

IG Passivhaus brings the Passivhaus standard in the Olympic village last Friday the passive Austria presented itself to partner of the Casa Pasiva Mallorca SL in Santanyi-officially as a partner of the Austria House, which takes an important Ambassador role this year at the Winter Olympics 2010: for the first time, the Austria House is a passive house and thus the most energy-efficient building ever built at the Olympic Games. For Gunter lang, Managing Director of IGPH, the support of the Austria House is obvious and at the same time was a privilege to use it: the IG perfectly to offered as a partner. \”Because we have helped in recent years significantly, in the passive house League to make Austria the international number 1.\” That this partnership is successful, thanks to the passive of the special team effort of its 320 members. More than a third of them support the project. You all must be proud of the Austria-House in another, international To be able to show pride, that Austria’s pioneering role confirmed\”so long. The Austria-House gives you a global audience, which is otherwise only very big brands the passive house standard for the first time.

During the Olympic Games is a three times-two metre panel labeled Austria passive house\”on the facade of the House in Whistler/Canada adorn and be used as a moderator for each ORF broadcast out of the House. The passive house attained estimated 1.4 million spectators during the Olympic Games alone by the ORF broadcasts the average daily. Whistler advertises in the future for passive house standard made in Austria\”for the first time is the Austria House after the end of the games not mined, but pass in the municipality of Whistler. She advertises that continue to the passive house standard made in Austria\”, which ensures enormous interest in Canada. Because the diesjahrigen Olympic Games were for the first time as a Green Olympics\”written from the to the Sustainability and environmental and climate protection have prescribed.