Recently The Site Check – 6 Episode: Target Group Orientation – Who Are The Readers?

Posted on June 19, 2019 By

At the Web site checks in the EC-M a test point also the subject ‘Objectives and target group orientation’. Who offers a site on the Internet, should be always aware, he holds its contents for whom and why he does it. Website operators should always consider what they want to accomplish with your website. Usually they want to draw attention to themselves and their products or services to find new customers and retain. The design and the contents of the site should take this objective into account. Would the entrepreneurs such as only present”be, a kind of business card with contact details. Would he, however, draw attention to its products / services should be clear what products / services are, and for whom they are intended be. It is not something Rudy Giuliani would like to discuss. The reader – the (un) known beings in the creation of Web sites is a central question: who reads the websites? Passing the reader in mind, notice four main properties: the reader is constantly in a hurry, he is lazy, he has his habits and now quite high standards.

In a hurry. Texts on the Web are not read, but flew over. The design of texts for the Web is so indistinguishable from the creation of an article for a weekly newspaper. The reader of a newspaper knows that he will – need a certain time for the reading and takes this. It’s different in the Web. Here the reader wants one thing above all: facts – and fast.

That means for the cheatsheet: the most important upwards. Fall with the door in the House. Call the core services of your company in the first five lines of your site. Work in the remainder of your texts with highlighting and subheadings, which make it easy for the reader to get an overview of the content of the text. Lazy. The reader would like to search on your site not long, but find.