Red Rocks: Music – Symbol Of Life

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RED ROCKS: MUSIC – the symbol of life history of this group began in 2005-2006. Then the Roman Sidorenko, who is also guitarist for The Brothers Karamazov, he moved from Donetsk to Kiev. Roman: "I moved purposefully – to create a group." According to the musician, it was supposed to be just a rock band, other styles of music were not considered. Gradually the novel found a striker Maksim Malyshev, singer became sister Romana – Camilla, then came Oleg Paszkowski, keyboardist of 'Repair of Water'. "Later, he became my godfather '- said the closeness of relations in the group of Roman Sidorenko. The group has changed several times, and one of the first of its left Camilla. In place of the soloist came Lali, which later gave way to Kristine place. Christina Khramova: 'We have learned from childhood Lali in the entertainment studio, along came a pop-circus (college, ca.

Ed.). She worked in the 'Red Rocks', but decided to go into show business, but instead offered me … it was approximately 10 months back '. Novel: "The original composition has changed many times since hard to find music appropriate to this style, and found a gorgeous musician Vova Orzhakovsky (drummer for the band The Brothers Karamazov, approx. Ed.), it is true then went on tour with "Karamazov," and was replaced by Max Malyshev. Still we had a bassist Ilya, but he often liked to "bang" and I kicked him, and Max brought Seryoga Goraya. Also, for us to substitute often comes Igor Gerzhin, bassist of 'Smoke Sumish'.

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