Soviet Socialist Republics

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Before 1991 the country whose territory was the largest in the whole world was named the USSR. I.e. they named it the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics or the Soviet Union, the second title is employed by have been shorter. Then in 1917 was shot down the Tsarist regime and the Socialist state was established. In terms of the population of the USSR goes without saying that all that time lived more or less, there was neither landowners, or capitalists and any kind of property. The average wage was around 120-150 Russian roubles. Good in 1991 the Soviet State underwent considerable transformations. The republics were separated from the Russian Federation to cause of being independent.

So was that the USSR was converted to UEI (the Union of the States independent) first and was then divided into independent States (Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia Litva, etc.) which broke away from the Russian Federation (the Federal Russian SSR then) in rear. Thus was formed the new State Russia (the Russian Federation) whose President was first Boris Nicolaevich Eltsin. Now it wasn’t the State socialist capitalist. Because times have changed. Well how now lives the population in Russia? At present in Russia residencian the richest of all people both Russian inhabitants as the poorest.

Well let’s see how they live the poorest and the richest. The more humble population of Russia anyone living in Russia knows there is more humble Russian population instead of living in your home living on the street to cause since 1992 remain without housing and has to sleep cartinas green in summer when it’s hot and when it’s cold (along the autumn seasonswinter, spring) sleep in some cellars of houses, stations and other places that could shelter them from the cold and freezing precipitation. Perhaps you are asked: how is it? The truth is that a good part of this layer of population on which I have just mentioned appeared to cause of that those people were victims of a fraud that had been hidden behind offers and demands of the real estate. Thus his time taking desire to change their domicile by the most advantageous sold their rooms or dwellings. And let those people in white. Call those people Bomzh meaning in Spanish which does not have his domicile. The richest of Russia. He who lives in Russia is aware that both the poorest and the wealthiest live in that country. Most of the wealthiest of the Russian population layer has concentrated in the capital of Russia (Moscow). Continual jams on Moscow roads throughout the workday show this fact. In Moscow already are neighborhoods where residence the humblest layer of the population. I.e. those who have little paid salary among which are: the immigrants who are both the Paice of the near abroad (for example, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, etc) and other Russian cities. But also be found some regions in Moscow and suburbs where rich people live. The most notable region named Rublevka. About the Rublevka. This colloquial name (or nickname) comes from the same location as this region is located next to the road from Rublevsk (Rublevskoe Shosse) which lies to the West of the Russian capital. There the richest Russian of Moscow and Russia that is live the Russian elite. For u last should be say that the level of life in Russia is very varied. Because the quality of life of the richest is a few hundreds times higher than the of the most humble.