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This would in backwater, your entire drainage system shut off and when it rains even roof surface water backwards in your House drainage. 3. make a regular and competent inspection and maintenance for your backwater protection in case of need also to work. Once in the month view, take even your anti-flood valve and press the emergency closure. The maintenance, i.e.

the removal of dirt and debris, the checking of seals, the mechanics, determining the tightness and the control function should be performed twice a year by a specialist company in the framework of a maintenance agreement. 4th following characteristics apply to revision manholes. Are revision manholes outside of buildings the cover below the backflow level, these are watertight and pressure-resistant Interior rendering, if the lines in the Open run shafts. The sewer line through a chute is closed with sealed cleaning opening within buildings. 5. cellar light wells should be raised at least 10 to 15 cm above the surrounding terrain to prevent the ingress of surface water. This also applies to the top tier of basement exits.

The cellar door should be a threshold of 10 to 15 cm in height. The relatively low amounts of precipitation by not covered cellar outlets can mostly be percolated. This is not possible and must the flow to the land drainage system be connected, he is against reflux. 6 rainwater commercial systems should be connected to the overflow to the mixing water sewage system, this is mandatory to secure, as otherwise this contamination by dirty water against reflux. In your own interest, please note these notes and suggestions. They offer reliable protection against flood losses at backwater from the public Sewer system. See more news on the re-storage backup and generally to the drainage system on our website under the heading press. Drain AS Alliance is the pioneer in the field of work on drainage and since 1969 continuous improvement, specialization of their work and satisfaction of customer needs have priority at the drain AS Alliance. The services offered include Eatment. Consulting, TV inspection, leak testing, equipment repair, planning and installation of rainwater drainage systems (Rigolen), backup storage, lifting equipment service, drainage pipe location, creation of the stock plan, drain pipe cleaning, individual maintenance.