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Posted on February 14, 2019 By

Rent nomads-man it doesn’t show them! The rental of residential and commercial premises is always a high risk for the landlord. It happens again more that tenants do not fulfil your contractual obligations and significant damage occurs to the landlord. Precisely for this reason that want Central landlord protection database (ZVSD), offer a way to minimize this risk. For this purpose, the ZVSD has built up a database in which landlords can list defaulting tenants, to alert others in the future. Be a part of this powerful landlord Alliance and thus actively contribute to the landlord protection. This service is free of charge, there is only we also have access to an external database of over 8 million people with more than 56 million recorded negative features include the login on the website in addition to this database. Through this high amount of data, the largest of which is currently available, it is reserved, not only large property managers to at an early stage risk-bearing contract bindings avoid. The landlord learns in detail, if negative information is available about a prospective tenants. Here, the collection includes not only data on judicial procedure and entries in public directories of the debtor, but also collecting data from non-judicial order for payment procedure.