Santa Claus

Posted on February 12, 2019 By

Not once I was desperate and close it about to throw down. Hostility, intrigue and Backbiting are unfortunately also things are not out when my action. But then come the mails of loving people from all backgrounds Society. Young and older, worse and better wage, single people and families. And then yet again makes a courage and gives the strength to persevere.

And these people can, want and I will not disappoint just. What are you after the raffle? First, I make a few days “Vacation on Samana”. Whether you believe it or not, the last few months I had a free day, hardly even a free hour. When this is over I’m once wonderful beach holiday with my family, have a rest from the previous months and spend a lot of time with my two daughters, who were much too short in recent months. And then I’ll devote myself to continue promoting of tourism on Samana, which I had a good start through my holiday vouchers.

Do you have a short message to our readers? Yes. From the 07.11.09 launches the Santa Claus on my page until revoked the special action figure”. To do this, a small Santa Claus on the home page or its sub-pages is hidden every day. And from then on it is called every day to be fast. Because only the first three day, which for Santa Claus, ever a “free vacation voucher with lot of happiness”. But don’t worry, latecomers can the next day just try again – because every day Santa Claus comes to the House Lottery Caribbean. I hope that you like this little game and we bring back some momentum in the House draws it. We look forward to the early draw and hope that this will stimulate the House raffle scene a little.