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The result was a pyramid scheme. And, quite shaky. Such business in a moment can disappear. Well, if obtained from the gas station margin will be high, then maybe enough money for everything. Misrepresented the number of succeed and return to duty. A sudden crisis? Or wholesale fuel prices jump dramatically? In such situations, the sales of gasoline at service stations are falling, and built on word of honor gas stations face bankruptcy. Franchise Many sellers of gasoline believe that the advantageous location of petrol stations and its technical equipment do not guarantee a stable income. So today is popular so-called franchising.

Medium-sized gas station owner, using the brand name of one of the well-known oil companies, increase sales. As the experience of the Smolensk region, only a transition under the wing of LUKoil increases the sale of gasoline on a conventional private refueling twice. Franchising contract costs gas station owner only $ 700 per year. In fact, this rent-known trademark. First time on you no more need.

But in exchange you can get petrol proven quality. Unless, of course, it is possible geographically. Choosing a company-holder for the beginning to find out whether there is near you-owned petrol station or refinery. Otherwise, it may cause disruptions to the supply of quality fuel. Because gasoline is not far away dung: the capacity of the most common tank truck "ZIL" – 12 cu. m, and more powerful machines able to carry up to 40 cubic meters. m. Keep in mind that made with you in the franchising contract, the firm over time will require a detailed compliance with its corporate identity.