Wifi Knows Freezer

Posted on September 6, 2016 By

The freezing process started back in 1895 when the Americans had discovered that they placed ice and salt could congeal its things for more time. of pra much thing happened here there with this household-electric one that it came to facilitate the life of thousand of people. Already we had freezers that they more had in the door access facilitated for frozen water and ice, with one Digital mini TV, sensible screen to the touch at last, with infinities of utilities to our reach. Learn more on the subject from Rudy Giuliani. The new launching in the sector of household-electric is to freezer with connection WI-FI, yes you did not read wrong not. This is a launching that for the time being still goes to be possible only in the United States and for an amount of 3,5 a thousand dollars. A well salty price to have to freezer that you disponibiliza a connection the Internet. The model in question is of Samsung RF 4289, it was presented during the CES and amongst the attributions he possesss: – A sensible screen to the touch of 8 counts – an operational system that not yet is known will be Android or Samsung – Notes and prescriptions these can be added – Radio – to Twitter are only some examples of what this freezer, that this more for one mini computer, goes to present. But the Brazilians for the time being not yet will have access to this household-electric one. But who to want to pay the referring taxes to the international transport can make, but the version does not have date all to be vendida in the store of Brazil