Arcana Religion

Posted on September 3, 2018 By

There are many people who are only trying to guess what will happen thanks to the Tarot. Not bad, nor well, is just one of many uses that can give the Tarot. When we take the Major Arcana psychological archetypes, we can make a work of meditation and introspection with them that is very useful. There are several basic guidelines that are used for all types of work that we will make with the letters. It really is something that falls under the simple logic, but it is worth remembering: First of all mental and physical relaxation, this is a basic requirement for any job is mental or spiritual level that we will perform. Try to find a place that feels comfortable and be confident that as long as we exercise, we will not be disturbed.

In second place is very important that we create an environment that we find it pleasant and comfortable. If you feel good lighting candles and incense, go ahead and do it. If the smell of incense tide or disgusts you obviously do not even think on. These are essential elements are simple aids that we provide the proper state of meditation, but nothing more. Anyone who thinks that simply by lighting a candle, and has half the work done, totally confused. It is important that our field of vision is clear. At the desk, only the Arcanum and those elements that help us to meditate. And if we can dispense with all this better, that means we do not need any kind of support. Needless to say, the temperature and lighting should be nice.