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Do you know by that pessimists are always problems and difficulties in their way? Do you know because the optimists are solutions? Do you know because people say, and experience shows that the money is going toward money? The above is a sample of the power of attention. Everything in what people focus their attention, tends to grow, to develop and demonstrate in their lives. That is why if you focus on wealth, you’ll get it. If it focuses on success, you’ll enjoy it. Everything that is created depends on the attention. Everything that you want to create it must receive attention before materialize.

However the majority of people cannot maintain focused his attention long enough in what they want. That’s why they don’t get it. Do not create it. The mind jumps from idea into idea of thought in thought, of remembrance in memory. All without a warrant. People allow their minds to give thousands of jumps each time. And these breaks are a thing known to other known thing. The mind goes a thought to another, day after day.

Only about them thoughts. People may believe that each day brings something new, but in fact is not true. They are locked in a vicious circle. They are the same things every day, even if they do not wish to accept. Is why people do not move, just move from one place to another within the same circle of their lives. They are like prisoners. They are not, in reality, prisoners. To leave this vicious circle, it must learn to leave that erratic and repetitive movement of the mind. You must learn to see beyond what is known. Look beyond the current situation. But in addition to learning to see beyond what is known, beyond of what is known, it must learn to keep the attention for long enough and controlled in what you want to. To do this requires practice and the majority of people does not. To develop that skill is necessary to know any proper technique to learn how to maintain attention long enough in what you want to. In the secret of the power of goals classes, Andrew Corentt speaks at length of the power of attention and presents accurate techniques to learn how to focus the attention on what you want. With proper techniques, you will achieve your enormous creative power, become an irresistible force that will bring you everything you want. When you learn how to focus your mind on what you want and make a strong and powerful ally of your attention, you will literally be born to a new life. Everything you want, is just the expression of its power. And you have all the power to manifest it. You must only learn to focus your mind and your life will be what they always have been: abundant, happy, prosperous, cheerful. The secret of the power of goals, carried it the power of current to dream, of tolerable to desired weakness. Prosperity is their right. Happiness and success also.