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Although, fortunately, the affluence of tourists does not allow to still see it us, we run the risk of ending the historical case. And without, taken care of and attractive alive, dynamic monumental a center, Salamanca it would so stop being. In other payments they are the implied retailers of the zone first in that environmental salvation. It happens in great cities, like Valencia or Seville and in more assimilable others to ours, like Santiago or Oviedo. They know that the survival of its businesses and until of themselves is ligature to the one of its urban surroundings and they defend with nails and teeth to it: imaginative promotions are associated, created, look for Here the fidelity of traditional clients nowadays attracted by the decoy of department store, however, by loss of energy, custom, resignation or what is, to our lovers of detail it seems to repatear the associationism to them and until rascar the pocket to be able to recover more soon than they have invested. But we do not put too much with the small commerce, that has the poor man with facing without network enough economic crisis unlike other sectors like the bank or the automobile, for example, to the city-planning privileges and of another type that enjoy the great surfaces and to the municipal carelessness. Indeed, the disinterestedness of the authorities reason why happens to him to the traditional commerce is what it has taken to the decline to many populations, since the successive closing of small businesses produces the gradual degradation, reduction and ruin of its environmental surroundings. We want that it passes here like a some cities to us of the United States, whose urban center is only the habitat of the marginalization, the dirt and the crime? Without going so far, we want to turn into the future to our historical helmet in a conflicting district like the Barcelonian Raval, the Valencian Velluters or the Bilbao San Francisco? Clear that it is an abyss so that such thing gets to happen, but we do not protect already from to the small commerce like a certain cinegetic species, a bad day we will finish, finally, with our historical center. Original author and source of the article.

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