Governance Administration

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Governana the expression governana, according to Gonalves (2005), appears from reflections lead mainly for the World Bank, in view of deepening the knowledge of the conditions that guarantee an efficient State. The focus of the expression, that was the attention the strict economic implications of the state action, if dislocates for questions involving social subjects and politics of the public administration. The capacity of the government cannot be measured only by the results of the politics of the government, but also by the way which this leads its power of government. According to Diniz (1995 apud, Gonalves, 2005) the World Bank, in its Governance document and Development, of 1992, the general definition of governanca is ' ' the exercise of the authority, has controlled, administration, power of governo' '. Thus it would be the way by which the power is exerted in the administration of the social and economic resources of a country, aiming at its development.

The Governana can be represented by the capacity of the societies human beings of if endowing with systems of representations, of institutions processes, so that they can be managed in voluntary movements. Corporative Governana According to Gonalves (2005), the IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporative Governana) defines Corporative Governana in such a way: ' ' it is the system by which the societies (companies) are directed and monitored, involving the relationships between shareholders/corporate shareholders, advice and administration, direction, independent auditorship and statutory audit committee. Good the practical ones of corporative governana have the purpose to increase the value of the society, to facilitate its access to the capital and to contribute for its perenidade.' ' Ahead of the complexity of the organizations, of the competition of the world of the current businesses, the necessity of if possessing one politics of Governana were inevitable. Good the practical ones of corporative governana increase the value of the society and facilitate its access to the capital, what today if it has become basic for the transparency of the businesses.