New York Abstract Expressionists

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AT AMERICAN NIGHTMARE by Greg Haberny and Elmer press Lee strychnine gallery presents: APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION on AMERICAN NIGHTMARE by Greg Haberny and Elmer press Lee opening on April 8, 2014 at 19:00. As contemporary Ku? artist with particular Gespu? r and understanding fu? r lifestyles, ideologies and cultural phenomena try Greg Haberny and Elmer the current state of American society and the circumstances which they characterize press Lee to represent their art and to interpret. Their works address and question the importance and implications of the American (ALB) dream and show one of the darkest aspects of human: the desire for destruction! Greg Haberny Greg Haberny comes from a family of Ku? nstlern; His grandmother, an Impressionist painter, and his father, a given? artist, influenced him not only by their techniques, but also by their work ethic. After his fru? hen acquaintance with the painting turned to Greg of but for now other forms of art. He began more fu? r movie and Photography became interested in and studied media and film studies at the University of Connecticut in Stamford and the Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. At that time, Greg produced numerous Drehbu? cher, fu? led Director fu? r short films and worked as an actor. The perception of its potential as a Ku? artist and his desire for creativity were however decisive fu? r the course of his current career. Influenced by the COBRA movement, the New York Abstract Expressionists and numerous Ku? artist street art and conceptual art Greg wise’s works a unique style which through a series of different Ku on? artist and disciplines was coined.

Elmer press Lee a driving force behind Elmer is pressing Lee’s art, as he describes, the fact that he processed psychic confusion through it. Sometimes, I’m talking about u? at all not u? ber which are really grotesque details, as they. Sometimes there are classic sexual fantasies – the worm that eats through the Apple. Sometimes also complex as if pulled out of remote columns the dark half My cortex – a male animal, which pulls the eggs from body orifices and nourishes them.” If such a quote is a now a impression u? ber grants the motifs of Elmers art or not, you get an excellent impression in any case if you get his creations to face. His work really speak fu? r, but at the same time room fu settle? r own interpretations. Strange but accessible an apt description might be u, even though it’s really hard? mission to find one.

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