Lost Spirituality

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‘Women are building careers and making money instead of having children, and family’ – said Bishop Luke. He manages Konotop-Glukhovskaya diocese, the vicar of the monastery stavropegial Nativity Virgin-Glinskaya deserts. – Women do not want to give birth and abortion. This is a global problem. In our country, for some reason all intensively discussed by NATO, and nobody talks about abortion, although they are a great threat to our society ‘. According to Bishop, the reasons for abortion is the lack of medical care. ‘I myself am a medical degree, had been in different hospitals, had even baptize babies who doctors delivered a fatal diagnosis. To say that nothing can be done most easily, but the fight for life …, – assured the lord of Luke.

– The clinics abroad special medical equipment helps out even premature five-month baby, our medicine afford it can not yet ‘. Lord Luke expressed his admiration for mothers who are properly educate their children, giving them the love and warmth. One such mother is Nina Cherniavsky, Head of regional branch of the All-Ukrainian Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, the initiator of the project ‘The Museum of the mother. ” Nina Chernyavskaya educates Twenty-five children, each of them a woman in need of love and kindness. ‘Spiritual children, in my opinion, gives only moral and mother – Nina Chernyavskaya assured. – Therefore, through our museum will be ‘held’ mothers who carried the society something spiritual. ” Opening of the ‘Museum of mothers’ occurred in May this year in the Regional Scientific Library.

Exhibits its publications have become journalists. Activities of the museum decided to start with a ‘great’ mother – the Virgin. ‘She did not build a temple – explained Nina Chernyavskaya. – She raised son who gave his life for us. ” To discuss the return of spirituality and joined Olga Krutuha, Head of Department of Family and Youth Department for Youth and Sports of the Sumy Regional State administration. ‘We must create a real family, not the PR-action-type’ I got married ‘or’ I’m married. ” And then six months later divorced – Olga Krutuha assured. – Foster children have on family traditions. Today we have the current problem – the consumer sentiment of some families. When a particular family usurps the status of privileged category, saying: “We must all ‘. As shown by experience, the needs of these families are in a new TV, car, etc. I want to emphasize that the family – this is not a commercial center, is spirituality. ” And what about modern society, remember the words of Nina Chernyavskaya: ‘We need to talk about the crisis that occurs in our heart ‘. And, as Bishop Luke assured that this problem is not resolved at the state level, until we solve it as a society.