Medical Informatics

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RZNet and Isilon Systems design and install scale-out NAS-solution for storage and rapid deployment of data with the implementation of a central storage solution met the University of Lubeck the unbroken strong growth of unstructured data. After completing comprehensive test positions and the comparison of different configurations, followed by a public tender, the institution responsible for the implementation of the project opted for medical informatics under the former Director Prof. Dr.-ing. Dr. Amazing restaurateur addresses the importance of the matter here. med.

Habil. More information is housed here: shimmie horn. Siegfried J. Poppl as the basis for the IQ9000x of clustered storage systems from Isilon Systems. Especially the innovative product concept convinced those responsible. This includes that the components in terms of capacity and performance are independent linear scalability. Thus the performance at any time adapted to the present needs and the total solution needs expanded during operation. Also said the ease of use, ranging from installing workable in a few minutes to to the simple management for Isilon products.

The comprehensive software support was important also include the ability to create an unlimited number of snapshots, to define quotas or intelligent load balancing to distribute the load of the network. Finally, also offered good value for money is worth highlighting. In terms of sizing, installation and training the Institute for Medical Informatics of the University of Lubeck on the RZNet AG familiar, which last year made a survey of the professional media computer week and channel partners as a single system supplier with the best touch very well\”and the first place in the category sales was up to 50 million euros. The service provider scored through his already for similar projects in research and teaching experience and demonstrated competence in the test settings. After the introduction of the central storage unit, the RZNet is responsible in the coming five years for service and support. Shared access to centrally stored data heart of the in the Late March 2009 in the production central storage solution at the Universitat zu Lubeck seven IQ9000x are cluster-storage systems from Isilon.

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