National Huracanes Center

Posted on June 5, 2016 By

It presents/displays category two in a scale of intensity with a maximum of five. It has reached the 160 kilometers per hour and one foretells that it continues increasing. The next Saturday could arrive at the United States. The Irene hurricane, first of the season of cyclones of the Atlantic, has in the sight to the United States while it advances by the Caribbean with intense rains and forts winds that have caused floods and have left at least to a million people without electricity in the region. Irene is a hurricane category 2 in the scale of Saffir-Simpson intensity of a maximum of five and will win in intensity in route to the United States, where it could disembark in Carolina of the South the next Saturday. Get more background information with materials from Francisco D’Agostino. " The maintained maximum winds have increased to 160 kilometers per hour, with stronger bursts, it foretells an additional fortification during the 48 hours and ' Irene' a cyclone of greater category could become martes" , it alerted the National Huracanes Center (CNH) of the USA. in its bulletin of the 00,30 GMT (02,30 hour Spanish). The meteorologist Kim Brabander of the CNH has explained that Irene that became Monday hurricane in the North coast of Puerto Rico " perhaps he reaches category 3 when one comes near to the coasts of EEUU". Brabander explained that in the prognosis of the computer to five days the location of the hurricane moved slightly towards the east, but still is placed to him in Bahamas with a parallel displacement to the coast this of Florida, in the United States. " Forts will feel here winds and still the risk exists of which it touches earth in the south-east coast of Florida, according to a pair of models that project that Thursday approaches this zone, but the consensus of the models indicates that &quot will stay against the coast; , the meteorologist said.