Nature Support Therapy

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New findings about the additional benefits of the inclusion of the nature in our re affect the design of today’s healthcare environment. Biophilia – the love for the living: unique technology and custom design for an enhanced and less burdensome process of healing. In his Biophilia hypothesis of Harvard pointed out Professor Edward O. Wilson 1984, that are attracted people due to the innate to them meaning to other creatures and need this contact with nature even in sufficient quantities, to stay healthy, to find the meaning of their lives and realize themselves. Scientific studies have shown that the support of this innate connection with the representation of nature indoors resulted in a benefit for the people. This applies to schools, business, or even your own home, however, the effect of the illusion of nature especially in health facilities is effective as where patients, families, nurses and even doctors are often increased stress. The continuing research into the impact of nature in health facilities is to compare with the rediscovery of our roots. Supports and encourages the Biophilia hypothesis: due to their genetic predisposition, people respond positively to nature.

The development of people was over millions of years across constantly accompanied by nature and extent influenced our genetics has adapted. So much we have isolated us due to our development of the nature, is to bear in mind that the time, which have spent the people with the urbanisation and industrialisation, only a very small fraction of the evolutionary history. Indeed, it is so that we have acquired most of our adaptive capabilities in natural environment, whereby our mental and physical well-being depends on our commitment to nature. Close to nature design in health care Dr. Roger Ulrich from the Texas A & M University, a pioneer in the field of research the Biophilia, has detailed examinations of the Visual effect of nature through pictures and Carried out daylight in health facilities.

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