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One of the things that can only interrupt the fun in iPhones is a dead battery. That is why people are looking for different solutions. Charge your iPhone anywhere is ideal. And now it is possible to do it with the charger iPhone Powertraveller Powermonkey explorer solar charger. From the heart of Africa to the glacier in Hardanger, this charger iPhone-powermonkey-explorer has proven to be a valuable piece of equipment, providing essential in the remotest places energy.

The incorporation of the new solares-esclavo, iPhone charger allows you to charge anywhere, always and at any time. All the necessary components of this charger iPhone can fit in a shirt pocket, in your laptop bag and get enough power to charge the iPhone via an interchangeable connector approved by Apple, it anything more out of the box. Compatible with the majority of mobile phones, iPods, MP3 / MP4, PDA s and games consoles such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS and DS Lite, this charger iPhone – explorer powermonkey – recharge your devices which gives you 96 hours of standby on your mobile phone, the 40 hours in your iPod, 5 hours on your console games, 48 hours on your PDA and 6 hours in MP3/MP4 players. Available in 4 fantastic colours, blue, grey, pink and yellow is a charger iPhone elegant and essential! And, if you are owner of one of speakers for example. Soundtraveller can use the powermonkey-explorer to recharge them rather than spend its money to replace the batteries!Solar iPhone charger obtained energy directly from the Sun that gives you energy without wherever you are!Make sure your iPhone charger – powermonkey-explorer has full capacity at all times by the load by hand solar-esclavo, which can be connected to a backpack, hung from a window, to the left in a car or take the sun shine anywhere! I even resets inside, next to a window or the ambient light. The LCD screen and the indicator of percentage of iPhone shows the capacity of the battery and charge level.

To recharge the battery unit in necessary to connect the charger folding solar iPhone, for unlimited free energy flow. (Although the charger iPhone can go directly into the 30-pin plug, the iPhone will not charge this way.) Make sure that the charger iPhone unit shuts off when recharging of solar slaves in order to reduce the loading time! You can even use solar energy to recharge the device directly so you have a backup of power at all times.Ultra Compact, sturdy and powerful, the charger iPhone powermonkey-eXplorer is water resistant and is made of rubber-sheathed by what can endure many things and is still the lightest, most versatile charger iPhone available today. The charger iPhone has included a network of interchangeable heads for the United Kingdom, Europe, USA.UU. and Australia so you can use it in more than 150 countries around the world!

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