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buecher.de is giving away great prizes to the theatrical release of Dan Brown’s masterpiece ‘Illuminati’ seems resurrected a long-forgotten secret society and planning the devastating strike against the Catholic Church. A frightening scenario that describes Dan Brown in his conspiracy thriller. As the exciting radio play or book, there are Illuminati\”in the online-shop of buecher.de. Illuminati comes with Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon\”on May 15 in the German cinemas. With a big contest, the masterpiece is celebrated by buecher.de. To win, there is a trip to Rome with Illuminati-tour. Dan Brown is one of the most successful writers. Its theme is the Church and their links with secret societies, has been shrouded in myths and secrets since time immemorial.

His novels are conspiracy theories for the Dan Brown is not rare even evidence. That makes him popular with his readers, is seen but due to the artistic freedom that takes Dan Brown when writing his novels, from the Vatican more critically. On May 13 is with Illuminati\”another Bestseller by Dan Brown the way on the big screen. \”Three years after the huge success of the da Vinci Code da Vinci Code\” in Illuminati, involves a further mystery of the Catholic Church. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) discovered evidence for the existence of a long as the Illuminati into oblivion troubled underground organization,\”is well known. The society plans to the decisive blow against the Christianity that is hated by him and so starts a breathtaking hunt by Rome for the Harvard Professor and the Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer). With voltage, buecher.de win great prizes raffled at the start of the film highlights of the year. The first place of the sweepstakes is a 500 travel voucher, which can be used depending on your preference. Illuminati-fans can use the voucher for an exciting journey to Rome and in the footsteps of Robert Langdon and the Illuminati.

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