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How would not want a photographer at the wedding of all time spend with the couple and photograph them only, he must withdraw and guests, and because the wedding is not only the couple but also their Relatives, friends, colleagues, work colleagues. And like all normal people, too, want the couple to the guests entered the history of the holiday and were sealed with a wedding photographer. It is often such that the guests are very much especially at the national wedding and a wedding in a short time walking is not always possible to devote enough time to each of them, I will offer several options for how to get out of this situation to be happy with everything. Option first – to entrust the filming of all visitors to his assistant, and myself at this time to shoot newlywed. The second variant – to hold a small photo shoot newlyweds with their parents, friends, relatives, etc. During this brief session, all guests will be on your shots, and then you can go to the first option, or continue to walk, but the focus is now to give the wedding couple.

Version of the third – to call with a wedding photo shoot at anyone, as a rule such Guests at the wedding is small or are one of the most curious and amusing, that with this company and the newlyweds do different setting for wedding photos and wedding book. In addition, someone from this company often useful for interesting performances, well, just to prepare for taking pictures of any subject. For example if the wedding is in autumn, it can help build a beautiful bouquet of autumn leaves, or simply to maintain or throw a veil, the options can be mass. The fourth option – this option as well as the subsequent negotiated in advance with the newlyweds. After the photo session on the second version, all the guests are leaving on his own business.

a photographer with newlyweds leave for Fotossesiya. Plus the fact that no one interferes and distracts, there are opportunities to gain exclusive and exciting wedding photographs. In addition, it is often such that the groom or the bride does not always ready for guests to open up and enjoy the process of shooting, to fulfill all requests for a photographer. Simply put, not all can be liberated under the watchful eye of guests. Option five – this option as previous pre-negotiated with the newlyweds. After the wedding photo session on the second version comes into play in a professional wedding or leading animators, invited the newlyweds, who throughout time walking and entertained the couple and guests.

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