Soft Club

Posted on August 7, 2015 By

One of the best known ways to make a Soft club (Quake, War-craft iii, Sounter strike), is Buka ( Truckers, “” Heroes of Might and Magic “). It is worth remembering and Another important thing: to establish a computer club is legally a program needs a special license authorizing its use commercially. Sales of its distribution companies. Typically, the cost such license shall be calculated for each club on an individual scheme. This means that you have the chance to bargain. For example, the company “Soft Club is working on the following principle. The owner of a computer club pays her 420 euros per year for the right to commercially use any of the products available to it, plus buy boxed license versions of each program.

And on each computer that will play a client of the club should account individually boxed. Such a scheme working with customers using almost all distribution companies. By the way, is very wrong to think that working with proprietary software is unprofitable. On the contrary, they allow to provide high quality services, which provides computer club. For example, if the constant failures in the software is applied to your business, you have every right to submit the manufacturer to court.

Such cases in our practice there. For example, several years ago, the owner of the computer club has seized a round sum for Microsoft. Parting words: – I hope that Marat and other budding directors computer clubs change their attitude to licensing products and save yourself from collision with the police.