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The Ilmenau IT company NetSys.IT sQLshell completed the latest version of its database management software. Thus the program offers its users an increasing selection of functions the Ilmenau IT companies NetSys.IT the latest version of its database management software sQLshell was finished. Thus, the program offers its users an increasing range of functions. The most important enhancement in this version is the direct access to exported/imported records using the related foreign key relationships. SQLshell that is not only a tool for the administration of and to interact with relational database management systems (DBMS) rather it is a universal tool with multiple functions for the everyday use of databases. The sQLshell mastered tasks such as the Visual query building via drag ‘n’ drop or the SQL syntax highlighting in the integrated editor as well as the automatic creation of report layouts, which are adaptable to customer’s wishes, or the migration of entire data models between different Database management systems.

The possibility to define macros, which transform the input data sets during the migration. The sQLshell is continuously since 2002. Bug fixes are obvious such as regularly published new versions which combine the implementation of user requests with extensions of existing features. New in this version: direct access to exported/imported records while editing using the related foreign key relationships direct access to exported/imported records via the corresponding foreign key relationships in the detail view to extend the code generation for Persistenzlayer new features: no values for the primary key are specified in an INSERT, tried the sQLshell, meaningful values to insert: INTEGER: the maximum of all previously allocated primary key + 1 VARCHAR: GUID generator produces a unique key the sQLshell has been developed with Java and is thus various platforms can be used. Only use requires the installation of a current Java VM (virtual machine). Not only different operating systems pose no problem for the sQLshell – she also works with a large number of different relational database management systems examples are here only: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Derby(Cloudscape), HSQLDB, Firebird, H2 and SQlite. Even Metadatenbanksysteme like about Sequoia can be controlled with the sQLshell.

More information about the sQLshell under: under the link sqlshell-demo can a free demo version to try out registration. Press contact: NetSys.IT information & Communication Caroline Schilling marketing, sales and PR Weimarer Strasse 28 98693 Ilmenau FON: + 49 (0) 36 77 / 20 35 15 fax: + 49 (0) 36 77 / 89 45 51 E-mail: Internet: corporate information as innovative IT service provider developed the NetSys.IT for companies and public Administrations of individual information and communication solutions. The services range from analysis and planning, the development and introduction to the operation and optimization of IT solutions. The core competencies in the fields of inter – and intranet applications, Portal systems, IT systems integration and security. The NetSys.IT consists of its business fields in IT consulting, IT development and IT services & NetSolutions.

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