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It is when many questions arise: what will become of that person? What has become of his life? Where will it be? Where have you been all this time I have not heard of it? and more, all this according to the role, significance of that person in our lives. Many times in silence, in solitude, for concerns of the minds, thoughts that arise, memories are surfacing and when we resorted to our memory files and look at all those moments that we share with that person as our interrelatedness, often appears with this nostalgia, claims as to why the separation occurred, the role that the person served, learning that was obtained, what offer you, what they share, in short, all the legacy of experience that was reached in those relationships. The fact, that while we are given the opportunity to live, will be subject to this type of facts, what is important is that of According to our attention, be fully awake in all what is presented to us, we are gradually increasing our experiences, growing as people, correcting our mistakes, found the precise answers to raison d ‘ etre of every fact, to end of optimising our learning, learning and above all, to lived experience let us determine the role of each in the meetings, in our interrelationships, what this means and bequeathed us. The interesting thing about all this, is no surprise being, take advantage of events, what gives us our daily living, namely to manage our emotions, feelings, determine its scope, which represent individuals, those that life presents to us, with whom must interrelate us and determine the reason for this, for example, reaffirm the transitory we are and as we must integrate ourselves, knowing that we are in step with a perishable form, that our time is limited, that we must not anchor us or give step to dependence, because it causes suffering, just knowing interpret the signs, signals of those meetings, that the person bequeathed us, its scope and role in our life, specifically, what was learned from these moments. To permanently live intensely the moment in which we act, because every beginning has an end. We do not know with certainty what holds us tomorrow, nor how long we will remain in this dimension. Original author and source of the article.